About Xperience Media



We are B2B event specialists focused on creating unique and engaging experiences across multiple formats and platforms.

Xperience Media is a B2B event strategy, production & marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia. We go beyond physical events – to create unique and engaging experiences across multiple formats and platforms. Our experienced team provides end-to-end event services for physical and digital events, from business conferences, seminars and training workshops to webinars, virtual events and on-demand learning.

We merge live face-to-face events with digital technologies to deliver content in numerous formats and enable different levels of human interaction. Our mission is to help you gain maximum reach, engagement and value from your business events.


Xperience Media is also a creative enterprise - a purpose-driven business that constantly evolves to find new and better ways to create and add value to its people, customers, partners, and to the world.


Our Philosophy


We believe people learn in different ways.


Some learn through detailed instruction. Others learn through experience. Some learn in isolation, while others learn best in teams and groups.


There are visual learners - and there are auditory learners. Some people learn on the fly, while others learn through constant practice. There are those who learn because they want to, and are driven by passion and purpose. There are also those who learn because they have to, and are driven by need and circumstances.

Based on this philosophy, we can help your business repurpose your event content to deliver the experience across multiple formats - addressing the different learning needs of your target audience.

What makes Xperience Media different?

Our team works closely with you to fully understand your business, and guide you through the entire event process. Here's what makes us different:

  • Strategy-led model

  • Dedicated producer for your event

  • End-to-end event services

  • Team of experts in events, content, digital and marketing

  • Ability to deliver event content in different formats and platforms

  • Focused on extensive research and data

Meet your Head of Event Strategy and Lead Producer 

Ritchie Marabut has more than 12 years experience in B2B event strategy, production and marketing - having managed strategic and operational issues surrounding the planning, development and promotion of business conferences, training events and workshops.


He is also an experienced content strategist and digital marketer who has worked with a variety of businesses (big & small) to develop customised content, digital & event marketing strategies that build brand awareness, generate leads and enhance customer experience & engagement.