B2B Event Marketing Services

Targeted campaigns across channels to boost engagement before, during and after your event.

You need an effective marketing plan to ensure the success of your event. We develop and implement targeted campaigns across digital and social channels to boost engagement before, during and after your event. This includes:

  • Event website development

  • Marketing collateral creation

  • Landing page development

  • Content marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • Social media marketing

  • Paid advertising management


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Integrated marketing plan

We take an integrated approach to marketing your event – across website, SEO, content, email, social media and paid advertising. This includes researching your target audience, analysing market data and studying customer behaviours. An integrated plan helps us focus on the right channels that provide the best results, deliver maximum impact and enhance engagement and conversions. 

Content-driven model

Content plays a crucial role in every aspect of your event marketing, from boosting SEO and user experience to engaging in social media and through email campaigns. We develop a content-driven marketing model to constantly deliver targeted, relevant and engaging content that moves the prospective attendee through the journey, closer to a decision.

Integrating marketing automation

Once the marketing plan is in place, our team focuses on streamlining and automating the whole process. We can work with different marketing automation tools like HubSpot, MailChimp or with your existing platform. 

Performance measurement and continuous improvement

No campaign is perfect. Our team places a lot of focus on tracking performance data – and implementing ongoing refinements to your marketing campaigns across all channels. We also provide you with regular and customised reports based on different marketing metrics, from page visits and content downloads to social engagement and actual conversions or sign-ups.

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