B2B Event Production Services

End-to-end production of physical and digital events.

Once the strategy is in place, our team implements the end-to-end production of your event across multiple platforms – focused on meeting your specific requirements on quality, timelines and budget. This includes:

  • Production project management

  • Research

  • Event agenda development

  • Speaker invitations & coordination

  • Event content creation

  • Event technology integration

  • Event coordination & logistics

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Dedicated Producer for your event

When we start the production process, you will have a dedicated producer who will manage the entire event project, coordinate with speakers and address any issues or questions you may have. The producer will also have overall responsibility for event logistics on the day and on-site event management.

Focused on research and data

Research is at the core of our event production process. We gather and analyse the necessary market intelligence, customer data, competitive information and topic research. We make sure that your event content is relevant, timely and targeted to address the needs of your target audience.

Creation of relevant, timely and engaging content

Content is key to a successful event. We are experts in content strategy, design and creation. We produce relevant, timely and engaging content for your agenda, presentations and other event materials. Our team can also help repurpose your event content to deliver the experience across multiple formats.

Integrating appropriate technologies

There are a lot of event tools and technologies out there – finding the right one for your event can sometimes prove challenging. By implementing a strategy-led model, our team integrates appropriate technologies that supports (not drives) your event content, process and delivery.

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